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Privacy policy

1. Collection, processing and use of personal information
Personal information means identifying data, such as a person’s name, address or e-mail address. Personal information gathered by "Pegasus Trade - Alepp Natural cosmetics" is used solely by "Pegasus Trade - Alepp Natural cosmetics" and within its corporate group, in compliance with the applicable laws on data privacy. We do not release information to third parties unless we are obligated to do so, for example under an order from a court or other duly empowered government agency.
We will ask you for your personal information to establish accreditation for our press mailing list. We reserve the right to check your accreditation and reject it at our discretion. If we reject your accreditation, your information will not be stored. If you do receive accreditation, your information will be stored, and we will send you confirmation that the user name and password you chose have been activated. You can use these to update your information at any time – to change personal information or remove yourself from the mailing list.

2. Cookies
A cookie is a text file that is sent out by a Web server and temporarily stored on your hard disk when you visit a Web page. Cookies make it possible to do such things as control advertising pop-ups or facilitate navigation within a site. If you contact the same server again, your browser will send the cookie you received previously back to the server. Cookies contain no personal information and are used solely to develop statistics about a user’s visits to a Web site.
If you activate automatic log-in, the appropriate page on our Web site will set a cookie that stores your registration data, so that the server can recognize you next time you visit and save you the trouble of logging in again. You can inactivate automatic log-in at any time. If you do not want to use cookies, of course you can still use our Web site. Any Web browser can be set to reject all cookies.

3. Disclaimer regarding partners’ Web sites
Our Web site includes links and referrals to business partners who have Web sites and services of their own. As a rule, these partners also have their own data privacy policy statements. We have no connection with those policies, and "Pegasus Trade - Alepp Natural cosmetics" assumes no liability for them. Please check these other businesses’ data privacy practices yourself when you go to their sites.

4. Data security
We have set up technical and organizational procedures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure that data are used only by those who are duly authorized to do so. "Pegasus Trade - Alepp Natural cosmetics" cannot be held liable if your information is disclosed because of transmission errors and/or unauthorized third-party access.

5. Changes in data privacy policy statement
"Pegasus Trade - Alepp Natural cosmetics" reserves the right to amend this data privacy policy statement at any time, subject to the data privacy regulations then in effect.